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  1. sonny71

    Deer Shotgun

    If you want to shoot out to 140 yards i would go with the rifled barrel on the sbe or m2.once you get it sighted in you won't go through many shells hunting
  2. sonny71

    super vinci

    Could not be happier with my super vinci shooting a benelli decoy choke and heavy metal 3.5 inch 3 shot and crushing the ducks.I also have a super black eagle 2 but i can shoot the super vinci better it probably has something to do with ROB ROBERTS GUN WORKS working on it.
  3. sonny71

    SBE jamming- Forgive me, I know it's been discussed.

    I was having problems with mine and put a wolf 25% extra recoil spring in it and no more problems
  4. sonny71

    Benelli trulock chokes

    710 is the decoy choke id on a try-lock tube
  5. sonny71

    Benelli bak order

    no got my super vinci in a week after ordering it.must just be your dealer thats crazy
  6. sonny71

    pattern time

    Sent my sbe2 to Rob Roberts and had forcing cone lengthened and polished and with a 660 jellyhead and heavy 13 #7 I'm getting 270 in 10 inch circle at 40 yards.just sent ROB a new super vinci to work over for waterfowl gun.just give them a call really nice people to deal with and they do awesome work
  7. sonny71

    super vinci

    sent my super vinci to Rob Roberts to have forcing cone lengthened.he did my super blackeagle 2 and it shoots awesome turkey pattern and recoil seems a little less.has anybody else had this done to there vinci.
  8. sonny71

    super vinci extra barrel

    Has anybody heard if benelli is going to offer extra super vinci barrels?
  9. sonny71

    M2 field, SBE2 mag cap question

    HI i have a claw sling on my sbe 2 and it works fine.it does not make any noise at all
  10. sonny71

    Point me in the right direction...Benelli shotgun

    Give this guy a call boggs gunshop he will have or get you anything you want really good benelli dealer when everybody else does not have one he will get it 1(304)344-1900
  11. sonny71

    Super Vinci - big thumbs up!!

    What length barrel is that mudhen going to buy one this week think i want a 26 inch for hunting out of my boat?I have a sbe 2 with a 28 now was wanting shorter barrel thought it might swing a little faster