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  1. Dimensionally they are exact. Yes the trigger and disconnector function test fine. It just seems a little odd that the hammer flops front to back in a battle gun. I put it back together exactly as described and there is really no way to put the hammer back incorrectly. Was just checking to see if other m2/m4 owners had hammers that flopped - lol..
  2. Thanks for the reply. I bought the FFT components for the M2. I will replace the OEM hammer and check function. The tutorial for the M4 as compared to an M2 is almost identical except the snap ring is different and the M4 trigger is 'open' as the M2 has sides (more plastic) around the disconnector parts. Thanks
  3. Hello, new to the forum. Could you do me a favor? I just installed the FFT disconnector and hammer in my M2. What I am noticing is that the new hammer when not cocked is loose - flopping back and forth. Is this the same as in a stock M2? I don't remember how the hammer was before I changed it out. Maybe I installed something wrong? So the short question is: Does your un-cocked hammer flop front to rear about 1/4 inch?
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