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  1. I have a Benelli M4 H2O with the collapsible stock and 7 round magazine tube. This shotgun is all factory. Actually, I have two, my buddy and I each bought one several years ago. He needed some cash and I ended up with his too. Anyway, these were the ones that were later denied by ATF and sale of this model was halted. I don't know how many were sold, but I think they are kinda hard to find. My question is, What is one of these M4's worth? And where would be the best place to list it? It is "bone stock" with no mods or after market parts --ALL BENELLI. I don't think he fired a box of shells th
  2. This mount is spectacular!! Thank you for the opportunity.
  3. ASTEC

    Surefire m80

    PM, M-80 upper sides are rubber. Open them up a bit with your fingers then it just snap over mag tube/rods. Not tricky.
  4. I use this elzetta sling mount on my M4 c-stocks and have found it to be very sturdy. An additional plus is that you have a sling mount on each side of your stock. It fits with no modification to stock and is very easy to install. I also use the VLTOR SMQ-OCG quick disconnect offset flashlight mount on my M4 with Sidearmor entry rails. I cannot use the AVA with the Sidearmor system. I use the AVA mount on another M4 and it is a wonderful mount, and I highly recommend it.
  5. No wonder they are so hard to find.
  6. The thinking was that it was made in Italy, shipped to USA in black finish. Dissassembled here, NP3 coated here, reassembled here... TA DA!! 922r compliant! At least that is what I heard from a distributor. Fact? or Fiction?
  7. Why was sales of the H2O civilian w/ C-stock and full magazine stopped. Seems like it was a popular choice.
  8. Hey 12508, Wanna make a quick fifty bucks on that 11711 H2O?
  9. Thank you! I emailed Joel from AVA Tactical, and he told me the same thing. Thank you all for your help. BTW: If anyone is interested in the brand new take-off Mesa Tactical Stock w/limbsaver pad, adjustable riser and rght side 6 round shell holder, I now have available ($240) from Mesa Tactical contact me with an offer.
  10. I am replacing a Mesa Tactical Urbino stock on a Benelli M4 with a Benelli factory collapsible stock. I have removed the bolt at the end of the recoil tube to remove the MT stock. My question is: Do I need to replace the MT bolt to fill the hole? Was a Benelli bolt originally removed to install the Mesa stock? Or, do I just leave the hole open, and install the new factory stock over it? Thanks for any help anyone can give me.
  11. I would llke to see your pics, please. Send info.
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