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  1. UPSguy

    CarrierComp Shipping

    I just got my CC 7Rnd tube in the mail today! Installed it too! That ended up being a 5 month wait, actually forgot about it for awhile. I'll be testing it on Thursday on the Trap and Skeet range since my 15 yr old prefers that over a Weatherby O/U designed for shooting clays...
  2. UPSguy

    CarrierComp Shipping

    I got my email saying it was nearing completion and/or shipped on 6-30... Still waiting...
  3. Lindley, how do you like the ATI stock? I'm undecided on what to do...
  4. UPSguy

    CarrierComp Shipping

    I'm still waiting since Feb...
  5. I'm using a Nitecore P12 which has 950 lumens and is 1" throughout. You'll need the 1" mount tho...
  6. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2515[/ATTACH]Here's a Nitcore P12 showing the clearance to the barrel. Just click on the photo.
  7. Joel, thank you for a very well made product! I'll post pics when my camera battery charges up and figure out how to post pics. The light I mounted is a Nitecore P12 with 950 lumens and does everything you need it to do. It is 1" diameter throughout, so it has plenty of clearance and it mounts on the tail cap so you can change batteries with ease. Flippin' love this setup!
  8. 1st post… Finally got activated and already have my AVA mount installed! Awesome mount and would like another...
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