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  1. Chile1

    AVA Tactical

    Does anyone have any intel on whether they will ever be back in business?
  2. ^^^^^^^^^ what he said and that’s pretty hideous...
  3. I purchased the Tango Arms charging handle:
  4. has anyone used these - they appear to be OEM:
  5. Do they all require you to drill and tap the original button?
  6. i think the Tartan bolt release may be even smaller than the GG&G but i can't seem to find a picture on the internet to verify.
  7. I was wondering if any of you had good suggestions to an enhanced bolt release option that did not cover up the US Flag marking on the M1014's. I was considering the Tartan brand but that looks like it would cover the flag as well.
  8. The buffer receiver extension has green loctite and a locking nut on it as well which is also loctited, I had heat on that for longer than 30 minutes and then it finally budged. Just be patient or you'll risk stripping your $1800 shotgun..
  9. Chile1

    AVA Tactical

    Does anyone have a physical address or their shop. I while back i had heard that AVA Tactical was based out of Eureka Missouri.
  10. Chile1

    AVA Tactical

    Are these guys still in business? I’ve also called and e-mailed without any replies. I’f they are on back order and in between runs, this is a poor way to keep customers updated.
  11. Is AVA Tactical still in business?? I’ve sent e-mails to Joel with no replies......
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