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  1. Have you ever been named the defendant in a lawsuit? Even when you win, you loose. The plaintiff's lawyer will name every person and organization even remotely connected. They do this to maximize the available purse. I was told "They will let the court determine who is responsible." No judge will make a summary judgement. The judge will let the suit wander through the court system to it's final conclusion. This modus operandi maximizes the fees for lawyers on both sides. My firm was named defendant in a $25,000.00 lawsuit. My Errors and Omissions insurance paid for my defense team
  2. I just got mine back today. While I have not installed it yet, I squeezed the trigger and trigger guard loop has hard as I could with two fingers and it did not release. I also tried multiple times, still no release. Do you have a plastic trigger housing? Flex in the housing? Matt
  3. With the lost trigger group, I had to buy another to replace it. The replacement from Numrich Arms was an early alloy housing trigger assembly. I had already purchased a second A&S trigger housing, so I am going to build a spare on the Benelli alloy housing using these fire control parts. Matt
  4. Actually it has, but at my end not the other. Someone pointed out to me that being in the distribution of firearm parts, particularly triggers and hammers, incurs liability. At the $240 sale price, it wasn’t worth the risk. The items are no longer for sale, but I am unable to edit the original post and thread title. my apologies to the gentlemen who contacted me, I really did not wish to back out from the deal, but this was too serious a matter to go forward with the transaction. Matt
  5. Funny, I have the Midwest Industries QD mount on the tailstock as well. Also placing it on the side opposite my body so the sling will cause the gun to roll into rather than away from your body. Opposite side also keeps the sling from getting trapped between your body and the gun when shouldered. The only thing that makes it problematic is the rubber buttpad grabs the sling and it doesn’t naturally rotate out of the way when you shoulder the firearm. The same mount on an AR doesn’t have that problem. For the front mount I used the Mesa Tactical magazine tube extension ring. With a QD
  6. The 6-32 flat head, hex drive screws, $9.47 per 100 https://www.mcmaster.com/91253A146 6-32 Helicoil insert kit, $37.63. I used the inserts included with the kit. https://www.mcmaster.com/91732A906 6-32 Helicoil bottoming tap $20.83 https://www.mcmaster.com/91709A416 1/2 inch diameter counterbore $27.24 https://www.mcmaster.com/3102A19 5/32 inch counterbore pilot $6.00 https://www.mcmaster.com/3103A17
  7. Seating the sling base. It is a little tight with the counterbore I used. By driving it in this way, nothing was damaged nor marred. Put a drop of blue Loc-tite on the 6-32 screw and tighten it into the block holding the block and sling base in place. Drive in the 1/2 piece of the old roll pin and you are finished. The last post will be the item numbers for scres and tools I purchased from McMaster-Carr. https://www.mcmaster.com/
  8. De-buring the hole. You probably don't need to do this, but I have the tool, so I did. The block inserted back into the pistil grip aligned with the 1/2 inch hole.
  9. Drilling the 1/2 inch hole for the sling swivel base. Be sure the bit penetrates half way into the plastic pisol grip, You want the sling base resting on the steel block and not any plastic.
  10. The steel block with the insert. How the pieces relate to the block. I have already cut the roll pin in half. Now on to the pistol grip.
  11. Start by driving out the roll pin and removing the small block of steel. We are going to screw a 6-32 screw halfway into the block. The other half will get part of the roll pin re-installed. The hole is too large to directly thread with a 6-32 tap. But it is perfect for a 6-32 Helicoil. Here I am starting the Helicoil tap into the block. I'm using my vertical mill so I know it is started square. You don't have to do this, I did because I had the mill available to me. Once started I finished the thread with a standard tap holder. The white dot is so I can keep track of what half ge
  12. I like to sling a long gun single point near the pistol grip. Think lower receiver endplate on an AR. Mesa Tactical made a sling specifically for the Benelli M4, but apparently it was so difficult to install, they discontinued it. Freedom Fighter Tactical bought their entire inventory, but when you go to the item page, there are warnings you're on your own if you buy it. Flashing cop lights and all. The problem is once installed as intended it sticks way out from the side of the pistol grip. https://freedomfightertactical.com/collections/benelli-m4-tactical-shotgun-parts-and-accessor
  13. For sale is an unused Freedom Fighter Tactical 922(r) compliant fire control group, including the trigger, disconnector and hammer. Also included is a FFT red magazine follower. Parts are new and unused. Yeah, I should have installed these in that trigger assembly that has gone MIA and I wouldn't be in that situation, but I'm still committed to getting Briley's FCG. I recognize I am new here. If you are a long term forum member, I will send you the parts and once you receive them you will Paypal friends me $240.00. Stiff me and I shall scream your treachery from the highest mountain. Th
  14. Thank you all for the info/links and support. I have hope it will turn out okay. Benelli did send me a list of suggested suppliers, Numrich Arms/Gun Parts does show the assembly in stock. With the Ducs, I did leave that to the mechanics. I didn’t have the inclination or tools to set valve clearances on a desmoquattro or testastretta. Fortunately, the mechanic was also FAA licensed and was extremely anal in his approach. Matt
  15. Hi Guys, I spoke to UPS again today and learned much more than the kiss off I received Monday. Although tracking said it was on the truck for delivery, it actually never left the building. UPS says sometimes a package gets set aside and then forgotten. They intend to do a “deep search” which could take up to 8 days. I am not at my wits end based on this info, but I also realize this could end poorly. I can provide them a picture of the package, it was a recycled McMasters box of which I am flush. If it walked out the door and they have video survellance, it might still be found. The pa
  16. Hello, My name is Matt and I live in Southwest Ohio. I do not usually join forums, I typically lurk and I like to keep a low profile. But something happened that has compelled me to join your group. I am hoping that someone may be able to help me in the future. I would be very grateful. I sent a Benelli M4 trigger assembly via UPS to Briley. I wanted them to install their 922(r) trigger parts. The last UPS tracking shows it on the truck in Houston, TX for delivery Friday, January 18. That is the last UPS knows of the package. I spoke to Briley yesterday, they have not received th
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