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  1. They call you? Or email? i should be getting contacted shortly too
  2. Has anyone found a way to attach the Surefire lights using a QD adapter? I’d like to take the light on/off easily.
  3. xrayos

    slugs out of stock

    What about these rifled federal slugs? I bought their Federal 00 buck and it shipped same day. https://www.velocityammosales.com/collections/shotgun-ammo
  4. Lol, I saw that. I looked for completed listings and the previous eBay completed listing sold for $949 and it was used. That’s why I came back to this thread, hoping it was still available. Oh well
  5. Wow! I guess I'm too late. I was about to msg you about the collapsible stock. I might have to resort to ebay or gunbroker. Let me know if you have another one. thx
  6. what did you use to trim it?
  7. do you think the m600DF would be too bright for indoor use? ie, mount home defense only Benelli? it would've been good if the m600 has a low output and and high output mode. is there something else that you'd recommend for indoor use
  8. So, I’m also looking at the 300 vs 600DF. both are basically the same price ~$200. Is there a reason that I should not get the 600DF for home defense? It’s a little heavier, longer, and brighter but wI’ll that make it less useful? thx
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