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  1. I am not happy at all with B's. My firing pin will not contact half of the 6 I recieved yesterday. The white primers are set in too far. Quality control not good at all. Bought these so I woukd not dry fire gun and did anyways.
  2. Which one od the CC tubes are a better match to the newer H2O M4 sold right now? Also if someone can post a picture with it on thengun or next to it that would be awesome. Looking to see how close it matches.
  3. I just recieved mine on Friday after 1.5 month of waiting. I was moved up the list because I prepaid in full and my dealer had only ordered two M4s. When ordered I was told 1900+ guns ahead of me and a expected 4 + month wait time. 2 weeks ago i was informed it shipped to the dealer because the local rep was filling purchased order and not dealer orders for stock. When I picked up the gun I was then told the backorder is over 4000 and Benelli has stopped taking new orders until they fulfill the backlog (can not confirm if thats ture but thats what i was told.).
  4. I just got my OTIS elite range box. The patches that come with it are bad and poor quality. They seem to fray and leave tons of lint behind. What do you guy use for patches while cleaning. Using on a M4.
  5. What extention tube did yoi get, it looks like a good match. Is it a CC muted finish?
  6. About 3 month ago I was looking at the Benelli M4 in Cerakote finish. 2 months ago I ordered it. But now within the last week I see Benelli change the website picture. Which gun is coming? The new picture shows a lot less titanium color on it. Trigger frame, top rail, receiver internals and front ring.
  7. With what is currently avaiable which is a better product? Shouldmi save the money and use it to buy extras. On another note my plan is to keep upgrading and improving over time, which finish would give me that ability. 2 or 3 years from now do I run the chance of not finding parts that match the H2O? Buying the gun and adding the extras cannot happen for me right now $$$$$.
  8. I just purchased a new M4 in titanium cerakote. Can someone point me to a thread or take the time to explain which is better currently with what's avaiable in 2020 being titanium cerakote or the anodized black aluminum with phosphate barrel? Its on back order and I believe I can still modify my order. Thanks
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