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  1. Field stocks are outta stock or pricey. I ended up paying a bit more than I should have but it was worth it.
  2. A local shop emailed me last week that an LE H2O came in for $2350. I was tempted to get it, swap on my field stock and sell the adjustable and my black M4. I woulda probably come out ahead a few hundred bucks but it seemed like too much hassle. Probably a straight flip would been easier since they were going for around $3k last I looked on GunBroker.
  3. My stock polymer housing functioned fine. I bought the A&S for my own silly reason. It bothered me that it was the only polymer piece aside from the stock and foregrip which are never aluminum/steel. My stock trigger group swapped over easily and functions as it should with no tweaking. I can see how the shell guide can be viewed as gimmicky but I find it quite helpful. My only real comparison for shotguns is the 870 I’ve used for 25 years at work. I can load that quickly and easily without thinking through the steps. On my M4 I was sort of bouncing shells off the stock trigger g
  4. Where is the 7rd tube from? Can you post a side by side pic with M4? Something doesn’t sound right here. I’m guessing all will be fine and you may just be looking at things wrong.
  5. For anyone concerned about changing the trigger or swapping to the A&S housing it really is not a big deal. After watching a few videos I tackled putting my stock trigger assembly in the A&S and it was straightforward and pretty simple. I’m a ham handed buffoon BTW.
  6. I bought one of these off of Ebay. The price was right and the quality seems solid. It has a divider so it carries my LWRCI AR-15 as well. My Benelli has the field stock and it fits with not much extra room.
  7. Are you sure it isn’t just grease? Not sure what you could have done to scratch it like that there and not notice.
  8. There is always this as well....... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.opticsplanet.com/noveske-benelli-qd-sling-plates.html%3f_iv_amp=1
  9. As far as break in I got my M4 in December and have put about 100 shells thus far. Some were premium tactical buckshot and slugs and others were ancient “I don’t know what” shells I had in a drawer. I had one misfeed due to an obviously weak load. Otherwise it was flawless so I’m not sure how important the break in with higher power shells. Can’t hurt though and any range time is a bonus. If home defense is the purpose the included choke is fine. Pick up something like the Federal LE13200 buckshot. It is a bit pricey now so just try to find enough to have a full load in the M4 and tr
  10. Do you really need sights for a home defense shotgun? At most I’d likely only use the front.
  11. It took me less than 1/2 hour. Easy, IMO, with the Stranger Danger instructions. Just my humble additions....... My concern was using the heatgun “inside” of the plastic stock. No issues but I only used the gun for about 20 seconds each time and checked to make sure the plastic wasn’t softening. Probably worried about nothing. My vice is holding another project right now so I gave it a shot just holding the stock between my knees and had no issues. Vice grips worked fine for holding the stud to loosen the slave nut. No marring to the stud. I used an
  12. I love the adjustable stock on my AR but it just feels wrong on a shotgun. I guess too many years of using an 870 ruined me and anything else feels “off”. I got mine a few days ago and am ready to start cursing as I begin the install this morning.
  13. Found it! That looks like fun. I’ll do it on my fixed pistol grip first for practice. Thanks!
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