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Ultra Light Mis Firing


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Hello. First post. I am Brian a proud owner of an Ultralight for 1.5 years... Live here in Az and have downed many a cottontail and quail with my beloved Benelli..


Just recently my shotgun has been occasionally mis-firing.. So the hammer/trigger clicks and nothing happens...


I looked at my shotgun and I noticed sometimes the triangle thingy with the red dot was not always coming down into position when it should be... That is it should come down into position when you expect it to be ready to fire...


So, I put some oil into the trigger assembly and into the crevase where the triangle-red-dot thingy was...


Now it seems like this triangle thing is coming into position the way it should be now... I haven't been able to test the shotgun because I am at home now ....


Has this happened to anyone else ? Maybe I just needed to lubricate my trigger/hammer assembly ??

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The triangular thing with the red dot is the "cartridge drop lever"... Sorry for not knowing the terminology...


So, I was able to take out the bolt assembly and the trigger guard assembly... I put a good amount of oil on the rails and into the trigger assembly....


I put the shotgun back together... The "cartridge drop lever" seems to be dropping down as it should...


Hopefully that will solve the mis fire problem...


Any comments on this thread are greatly appreciated...



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Sounds like you mite be experiencing the famous Benelli click. The click can a cure when for some reason the bolt does not seat completely in the barrel. This can also happen when bolt is already seated and bump the stock on the ground. This can cause it to uncock. I hope I explained it well enough for you to understand.

On a side note. I do not like to use oil at all on my Benelli. Dirt sticks to oil and therefore can cause other problems. I know several people who clean theres very good and use them dry, but they are hunting in below zero temps.

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I had a similar situation with my SuperSport that was cured by cleaning the trigger group. Pull the trigger group, spray it clean (and I lightly oil it) and replace.

It started malfunctioning after many thousand of rounds fired, now I clean the group after every 500-1000 rounds and it is functioning perfectly.

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