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SBEII safety works hard


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The safety works so hard that I have to use my thumb rather than my index finger to take it off. Is there a fix?


Hide it's foodstamps under it's workboots.


Oh wait, that is if it's lazy, not has a good work ethic :p


Oil it up and work it back and forth while watching TV (that always makes things better for me anyways).:cool:

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The safety uses a rounded ball fitting into a set of impressions in the crossbolt.

Spring pressure above the detent keeps the crossbolt in position.


Option 1 - Shorten the Spring CAUTION!: Reduced safety spring tension may result in an unsafe gun.


Option 2 - Disassemble the safety mechanism and polish the mating surfaces to facilitate smoother operation. Focus on the impressions in the crossbolt.


Option 3 - Exercise your fingers.

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