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20ga pump


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Looking to buy a 20ga pump for occasional skeet shooting but do not want to break the bank. I've narrowed my choice between the Browning BPS or the Benelli Nova pump. Anyone have any good or bad experiences with either?

Thanks for your opinions.


I will give you a +1 on the nova and the bps. I own a 20 gauge nova a love it. Zero problems. Great upland gun.


I don't own a BPS but I have shot one for a few years until I bought the Nova. Again great gun.


Have you compared prices? How many chokes come with the gun? brass bead or high-viz sight?


Ether way you won't go wrong.


O, P.S. the BPS ejects shell out of the bottom.

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Thanks for the info. I'm looking for a second skeet gun with mild recoil, inexpensive (under 500.00) but reliable for my kids and grandkids too shoot - and me. I was also looking at the Remington 870 express and have one in 12ga. Can't break it for sure. Like any gun owner, I was looking for something different but have not ruled out a 20ga express yet. 28ga and 410 ammo prices are out of site!!! So, I'm sticking to the 20ga.

Thanks again for the reply.

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What do you think would be better for shooting skeet? A 26 or 28 inch barrel in 20ga.?


hmmmm, the the barrel length question. Your going to get a lot of answers on this one.


It all boils down to what you like. I shoot 28'' with skeet. 26'' in fine. 30'',24'' 32'', what ever. The longer the barrel, the more "natural" the swing will be.


I think your longest shot is like 17 yards. Some people say a longer barrel helps with the pattern. People also say it doesn't.


With the longer barrel you will have a long sight picture which helps you aline your eye to the front of the barrel better.


If you have a cool place to shoot skeet like I do, than all the ''big time'' skeet shooter will let you try there guns to get an idea what you want. I think your biggest problem is not going to be the barrel length or chokes or gauge, its the pump gun. Shooting skeet with a pump gun in fun, but it doesn't help you out at all. If you have a 500.00 bucks to spend, think about getting a ''cheaper'' auto or o/u. There are alot of great guns out there that will help you and the kids get better faster.



''Cheap autos and O/U's:


remington 1100


remington 1187


s&w 1020


charles daly


escort guns


remington spr 453


remington spr 310 O/U


stoger O/U


mossberg silver O/U


Check them out. I know you said a pump but your shorting yourself when shooting skeet.

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Sorry folks, I guess I should explain. I shoot skeet on a regular basis. My main gun is a Benelli Legacy (my favorite), then a Franchi Alcione o/u, and a Remington 870 express - all 12ga. All are 28" barrels except the Benelli is

a 30". Being inertia driven, the receiver is about 2" longer than most. That said, I have only used a 20ga once - an o/u - though nice, it was a $2800.00 Guerini.

Pumps are fun an do-able in skeet if they are fast and slick.

My thoughts are to stick with the Browning BPS 28" but was wondering, being a lighter 20ga, if a shorter 26" barrel might be better?

I suppose if the gun is too light, the swing may become more erratic if too light and too fast. Unfortunately I only gave experience in shooting 12ga and only tried 20ga once.

Any heavy waterfowlers have an opinion on the difference

between a 26 and 28" barrel, if any difference at all? I know it took a lot of shooting to get comfortable with the long Benelli, especially shooting skeet.

Anyone interested in an "inertia driven" gun like the Benelli, Franchi or Dick's version of the Franchi, remember the longer receiver. A 28" barrel may be a better match.

Again, thanks for the opinions. That's what this forum is all about. Sharing experiances and opinions and giving advice.

Be Safe Shooting !!!

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i dont think there is enough difference in a 28" and 26" to be noticable really.what ever you get,you will grow accustom to as you shoot it.you talk to a man with a winchester w/24" and his is the best, talk to a man with a browning w/28" and his is the best, same with the man with a mossberg w/ 30" barrel.

mine is a Charels Daly auto 12 w/ 28" & mod choke.i rarely change the choke. it seems to screw me up. and i have a Franchi AL-48 20ga auto w/26" i/c fixed that i like. i cant really pick what one i like the best.

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