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I am having trouble obtaining center-of-adjustment zero with mounts I have tried( the supplied Benelli picatinny'and one piece base recommended by Burris). If I must shim - I would prefer to shim the two piece type bases.

The R1 came with a great "violin case "- which unfortunately will not handle a scope mounted on the reciever. I would like to find two piece bases, with reliable 'quick' or semi quick release option in order to use the case. SUGGESTIONS PLEASE! Ony 3 weeks to opening> frustrated in Utah

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I just saw and replied to your pm. I agree on the "violin case" comment wholeheartedly. In fact, mine's stuffed away in the attaic while I search for a more useful case.


Here's the crux of my response to the pm:

Use Burris one-piece base for Browning Bar.

Add Burris Signature rings, and get the Burris Pos-Align inserts to adjust for the elevation offset.



I've spent a bunch of cash searching for a good mount, and I'm probably going to spend just a bit more to get the setup mentioned above, because I'm not pleased that my scope is about four clicks from being maxed out on elevation.


If you want a QR system, you may want to stick with the Picatinny mount and add Burris or Leupold QR rings to that. My R1 buddy, phenom101 says the QR rings are great on the factory rail.


I'll have to get my case out of the attic and see if there is an extra space for an unmounted scope in there.


Good luck with the upcoming season!

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I use picatinny rail which came with R1 , and Leupold QRW rings . ( they cost around 45 $ )



This mix won't require any shims , basically they are right on the target . After compensating for height and bullet drop i still have plenty room for adjustment.

My scopes are : 3-9x-40mm and 4.5-14x-44mm , both Zeiss.

Anything above 44mm won't fit in a box , take my word for it hehe ..


Ohh by the way ,... if you choose to go with these rings , notice that "tooth" along the bottom of a ring( top left image) . During instalation , put the rings on the pica rail , push them to the front so that mentioned "tooth" touches the rail, tighten the key and youre all set to mount your fav. scope . This assembly will prevent any movement due to recoil later on .


Anyways , thats my 2 cents ;) Good luck in upcoming season Guys .


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hi guys...I used the leupold QR for my r1 w/factory supplied pic. rail. I also bought a zeiss conquest 3-9x40 (b4 I saw your posts about using zeiss, phenom). I compared the zeiss to a leupold vari x 3 that cost only $25 less, and the zeiss was twice the scope. this system is awesome! Thanx for the posts!

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I use this system on 3 rifles except for my " .223 pill shooter " .

QRW rings proved to be reliable with non-magnum calibers, but i think this setup is just a lil too soft for my TRG-42 ( .3 WinMag ). They do a great job so far , wonder how they will hold up when i remove a break off the barrel... Anyways i'll test it saturday at 500m ...


Good Times ;)


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Hi everyone... does somebody knows about other store who sells the Rail for R1 rifles?... Cals armory it seems like a fraud Im about to make a legal move on them... they dont have a phone number and its been over a month and I dont know anything about my rail. If you have any other place it would be very appreciated...



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