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M4 lubing What needs to be lubed ?


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it is explained very well in this manual pg 56-62? just pic your products carefully! Some lubes do more harm than good, i use Militec products and Hoppes products! not on an M4 but they have been keeping my SBEII spitting hulls since 2003 with out any issues! give thanks to tucker & USMC for manual! great section on lubrication.

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Well, it seems this question has already been answered to your satisfaction. But, I will pipe in anyway. First off, its always good advice to RTFM!! But, in this case, I dont recall the Benelli manual going into too much depth regarding lubrication.


Anyway, the old saying goes "if its shiny, lubricate it." For the shotgun, I would pay particular attention to the fore-end/bolt rails, the bolt itself and of course, the barrel. These seem to be the parts that require the most care. When necessary, I would then concentrate on the receiver chamber, firing pin (of course, located inside the bolt) and the trigger assembly.


In terms of "how much", I would say a LIGHT film is all that is needed. Too much may gunk up the works and eventually make for a sloppy/dirty problem. If you can touch it and leave a slight fingerprint, it is lubed. Leave it at that. You dont want to apply lube so thickly that its literally "running" off the part(s)! Also, from what I understand, its always a good idea to run a clean patch through the barrel prior to shooting it. This removes excess lube and other miscellaneous particles that may have accumulated. Some adhere to this concept, others dont. Its up to you on this one!


In terms of which type of lube, I wont even get into this. There are far too many lubes and opinions out there. Personally, I use Weapon Shield and find that it performs as advertised. I tend to stay away from grease as it seems un-necessary for my needs. However, the benefits of grease shine through when storing a weapon for extended periods.

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