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New SBEII Did Not Eject


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I bought a new sbeii and took it on a 3 day duck hunt. I fired 3 boxes of 12 guage 3.5" kent fasteel through the gun.

3 times the gun did not eject the spent shell. The bolt did not go back and I had to manually move the bolt back to eject the shell.

When this happened, I just fired 3 shells through the gun as ducks flew by with no problems, then I only had time to add 1 more in the chamber and 0 in the magazine for a follow up. It was the 1 shell in the chamber that would not eject with 0 in the magazine.

I saw some posts about the recoil surface (shoulder)causing problems with inertia drive. However in the benelli videos, the guys are shooting the guns from the shoulder, hip, up side down, over their heads, etc. So I think the gun should work at my shoulder with 3 jackets on.

Any ideas?


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What you need to remember is that it's a LACK of recoil that can cause a Benelli to not cycle. If, in the heat of the hunt you are gripping the gun so tight that you are preventing it from recoiling then that may be the cause; but with 3.5" shells that's doubtful. Clean and lube the gun throughly and if the problem persists, call Benelli's CS and find out what they think. Good luck. And by the way, ejection problems or no, that sounds like a hunt I would have loved to be on.

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not ejecting could be because of the shape of the brass rim and the claws just not grabbing it because of a deformity in the rim of the round? I second getting rid of the remoil before you get it all over the whole gun!:D Run some Hoppes Gun Cleaner thru it then some Hoppes Oil!

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Don't use Rem oil on anything you care about.

Switch to Breakfree or another milspec CLP.


+1 also make sure you put a few drops of clp in the recoil tube (inside of stuck) I just use a screwdriver or something and press it down, drop the clp in and work it up and down. I had issues with my first round stovepiping but after I completely broke the gun down and cleaned it, it was fine.

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