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Cheaper Than Dirt Now Price Gouging AMMO


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Cheaper than dirt has started major price gouging on its Federal Tactical Ammo. A 50 rd box of .45 Hydra Shoks went from $30 to $60 in 1 month:mad:. Their 9mm 50rd LE jumped $20 and is now at $53:mad:. You can still find the ammo at Ammunitiontogo.com who is not raising prices and price gouging like CTD.


Here is CTD's Statement on their web site "Our right to keep and bear arms is on the liberals agenda resulting in erratic sales and astronomical price increases on ammunition, magazines and assault weapons gear. Prices may have increased and inventories depleted from the last catalog printed. Our website reflects the msot current product availability and pricing. Stock up now before the prices escalate and the inventory is forever gone."


Yeah right whatever. The only price increase is due to CTD Price Gouging. Im thinking Boycot

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I bought from Cheaper than Dirt once...never again. The ammo they sent me looked like crappy reloads. Meh..


Go with places like Ammunitiontogo.com, as mentioned before. I just stocked up and paid a very reasonable price. Not to mention, they seem to stock hard to find ammunition. Buying ammo marked as "LE" seems to yield the better bargains. Another place to try is gilbertsguns.com. They have great prices as well, but are more limited than ATG. Plus, you have to send them a copy of your drivers license. Id stick with Ammuntiontogo.com.





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