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Benelli Sold?


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I am new to Benelli and had a friend looking for a Super Nova for his deputy son for Christmas. He was having trouble finding one and contacted a gun shop locally and was told that the reason they were hard to get was that Beretta had bought Benelli. I didn't know any better so now I do and will have information to pass along. Thanks for the information.

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Benelli is a Company that is located in Italy and they Import all their weapons & to get them thru customs usually takes longer than it should probably. Benelli only sells their weapons to Benelli Authorized Dealers which means they have to meet requierments by Benelli to do this! Only involves buying and selling a certain dollar amount of weapons i think but i am sure Benelli looks at each closely before they let them be one! Most BIG BOX Stores have a decent selection of their weapons and most of the smaller stores do not, depends on their ability to purchase stock and cash they wanta keep tied up in stock. My local dealer which is a smaller gun store has been in business for years and stocks a decent number of weapons! Does he have 5 of everything? probably not but he can get you what you want but it only takes time to get it. It is also not a matter of weeks it runs into months due to Importing the weapons if ya special order it, this also applies to parts if they need special order! Places like, Bass Pro, Cabelas, Dick's, Sportsmans Warehouse all have the better selections but smaller shops could surprise you. Internet dealers also could surprise you on stock on hand!:)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benelli_(firearms) little history here?

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There are a number of Supernovas listed on gunbroker right now.


You can also give Reeds a call, as they show several models available as well.

Buying a gun online is easy.

All you need is a local dealer who will do the transfer for you.

You or they will fax a copy of his license to the seller.

The gun will be shipped to the transfer dealer and you pick it up from their business after filling out the necessary paperwork.

The transfer dealer will charge a nominal fee for his services plus any state fees required.

Generally, you can expect to pay $25-$30 to the dealer.



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