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SBE/SBE II Safety Reversible?


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I saw a similar thread on the Nova and was wondering -


I shoot left handed but have always shot right handed guns. I prefer (I think) the loading/unloading of a right handed gun over a left hand as the cartridge port is directly facing the shooter.


Is the safety on the SBE or SBE II reversible? If not, is this something a gunsmith can change?

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Refer to your owners manual ,,,,go to the back on the exploded view sections,the trigger group page shows a tiny pin inserted perpendicular through the triggerhousing holding in a tiny spring and cup which rest on the saftey button. the pin holds the saftey botton///cup ///spring in place.now it depends on who removes the trigger group from the receiver and who knocks the pin out and turns the saftey button around and reverse proccessss. peace-love & Benellis


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