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I havent got a turkey choke for it yet,that was going to be my next question. this is my first 3.5in shotgun i've always had an 870 or mossberg 3in. So whitch would be a good turkey choke to start with... Also my cousin swears their is no way a supernova can shoot with his mossberg 835. Have you guys seen or heard of alot better results from the benelli over the mossberg as far as patterning.

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Hey man thats awsome I didnt know if you had to have some high dollar choke to go with these higher end guns. Like I said earlier I'm still pretty new to turkey hunting and this is my first 3.5in capable gun. I love it so far. I just hope it shoots as good as it looks.

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Sometimes the high dollar tubes are right on the money, and sometimes the cheaper ones get the job done. Each gun has it's own likes and dislikes, and will do different things with what you feed it. If you have any friends who also shoot a Supernova,Nova, or older SBE or M1, you might want to invite them to a patterning session with you so you can switch and swap tubes and shells to compare as well as cut costs by not having to buy all the ammo. Have them each bring a different type of shell or at least different size shot sizes, so you can cover more ground. Good Luck, and have fun!

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