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Ever considered a bi pod for your shotgun?


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I have used a uni pod that has a 4"-5" bottom telescoping bi pod for the last three turkey seasons. The one I have slips on the barrel just foreword of the magazine cap and is secured with a wedge & hex screw and folds to muzzle. It has a strap that slips over my shoulder and the other end over stock so stock sits just inches below shoulder. That allows hands to be free of the shotgun for using box & friction calls and I don't have to raise gun from lap. I've been "busted" by more than one turkey just raising the gun and with this uni pod I find that there is much less movement for the birds to see. I use it whenever I don't have front cover which is often when I still hunt and move to where I hear the birds.

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Anybody else thought of doing so?



Or have already done it?

No! But will probably soon...


Option 1:


http://www.harrisb****s.com/HB4.html (insert i p o d)




There's only one issue : I don't know if it fits on a 12ga barrel. The website says that if fits barrels from .550" to .812".

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Option 2:






This one fits 1" barels and looks way better than the harris adaptor but you'll need another adaptor with a sling swivel stud to put a Harris bi pod on it. Fortunately, Harris makes one...


http://www.harrisb****s.com/HB638.html (insert i p o d)



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