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Is THIS normal for a Benelli M3 Super90..!!??


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My .12 gauge M3 Super90, semi-auto and pump shotgun came disassembled with barrel separated from the stock, for smaller shipping length.


BUT after following the manual about assembly, the ejection/breach cover never closes completely as with other shotguns I have.


It has "spooked me out" so much to see the 1/2" exposed breach...that I can't believe it is safe to shoot! And haven't used it for the 2 months I've had it, because of that.


Is that normal for Benelli M3 Super90s.., please??

(or do I need to lube it better and try again!?)


Merry Christmas, Y'all from Texas


If you can read this,...Thank a TEACHER,

And since you are reading this in English...Thank a SOLDIER.

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10-4, that's possible. There is about a 1/4 inch gap between the bolt carrier and the end of the ejection port opening. Finally got pic to load. You can see the gap at the front of the bolt carrier, where you can see the bolt head inside the receiver. This is a normal view, with the bolt closed and locked. Hope this helps.


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Add pic.
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I just took a digital photo of it, but can't post it here...when I try, a popup screens says I've already uploaded a "maximum of 1" photo (??What does that mean??..I never remember uploading Any photos to this message board!)


Help please on uploading my .jpeg photo, please


Why does the cover Not close All the way???

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The actual bolt rides in a bolt carrier. It looks like a "cover" but it isn't. Your gun should look like the picture posted above. In that picture the bolt is closed completely, and locked. If you look real close at yours, as you ease the bolt assembly forward you will see the head of the bolt rotate and lock into slots in the barrel. The bolt doe's close all the way, but since the "bolt" rides in a "carrier", it only appears to have excess play in it.

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You need to get used to how the bolt looks when closed/partially open. Its important to let the bolt slam shut and take notice of how it looks, which in the pic is fine. If you pull back on it by using the handle about halfway to the locked position and let it go forward very gently it will look strange. It also will not fire you will hear the famous "click" because the bolt is not fully closed. Hope I didnt confuse you lol

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