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Went to the range again!


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Brought my rifle and my shotgun this time. My SN TAC performed once again, amazing with slugs. I was getting 2" groups at 50Y and About equal with my M44 (WW2 Rifle). Rifle groups were about the same but with user error. Black iron sights on a black target is hard with a rifle. The red dot on my shotgun is the reason being my such good groups. And yes, i got better groups with the rifle when not shooting on black. :D

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Once my other part gets here i will post it up for ya.



-when i was at the range i put the target out at 20 yards or so and i decided to try and shoot pretty darn fast with slugs and i surprised myself with how accurate i was! Kept em all in a grapefruit!


There is no doubt people on this forum can outshoot me any day of the week, but for me i did well. :)

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I am getting ready to make mods to my SN TAC. I have a few questions.


1. Did you install the rail yourself or did you use a gunsmith?

2. If you installed it yourself, any tips?

3. Does your SNT have the ghost ring sights?

4. What red dot sights did you go with?


Thanks, I am looking foward to your pictures.


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-I mounted it myself. Had to take out the trigger group and the bolt. I have never taken a shotgun apart and i did this without instructions.


-And my red dot is a Bushnell Trophy red dot that will turn off when tilted horizontally too far, Some auto on/off feature that is quite nice. http://bushnell.com/general/riflescopes_trophy_73-0132a.cfm


-Advice on putting the rail on? The two pins in the trigger group need to be punched out, they are punched out on the side that is smaller of the two. (i used a screwdriver with a cloth in front so i didn't scratch the pins) once the pins are out, you can pull on the trigger guard and the grouping will come out. don't worry, it is one solid piece. The bolt is kinda tricky to get out. Ya gotta monkey with it a little to pull it out, its pretty easy but takes a sec to figure out.


-Then you will see the plastic plugs that are preventing you from putting the rail on, those can be punched out with a small screwdriver as well. Once you punch the plugs out, it's pretty much as simple as screwing the rail in from the top.


-Mine has rifle sights, both the front and rear are on the barrel.


-Pictures coming when my last part comes in.


-Please feel free to come to me with advice on how to install, what parts to buy, and where i got them, i am more than willing to help!

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