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Help. New to Nova

White Feather

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I just bought a 12 ga Nova with a 26 in barrel and I have a few questions. I will be using the gun for Turkey mostly. Was the 26in a good idea or should I have gotten the 28? Should I buy any new chokes or are the ones it cane with ok? Should I add the recoil reducer and new recoil pad? What bran of ammo should I use? And where can I find the upgrades for it?


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Load that gun up!


I hear the Comfortech gel pad fits nicely, buy it. I bought the recoil reducer for mine, it worked well.


26" bbl is fine, I've been shooting 26" for 16 years with no ill effect.


The factory full will kill them up close, but you may want to investigate an extended choke if you are unhappy with your pattern. Chokes are available all over the internet; Briley, Carlson, Cabelas has tons, etc.


All of my Benelli turkey guns like Winchester turkey ammo. Lead and/or Extended Range.


mudhen - CA

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Hi1 I am new to the forum and also just bought a Benelli nova pump 12 gauge. Well actually my dad bought it for me today. Mine also is a 26 inch barell.

I think the 26 inch barell will do fine for turkey. The chockes it came with should be fine. And i don't think u should add a recoil reducer and recoil pad because in my opinion it doesn't kick that bad. All the ammo that i am going to get is winchester because i have heard that it works the best.

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I was thinking about the recoil reducer but I cant find one anywhere for less than $90.00. Thats a little high for me. Case in point buying the Nova instead of the SBE 2. (Wish I could get one).

Oh by the way does anyone know if Benelli has any plans for making crio tech barrels for the Nova? Just wondering. They seem nice.

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White Feather, for less than $50 you can send in your barrel and chokes and have them cryogenically treated by companies such as Cryopro or many other companies.


Turn around time is usually about a week and is safe to bluing, teflon finishes, etc..


Here is the 50 cent definition of what the process does.


The Cryo process turns soft carbon ( austinite ) into a smaller, stronger carbon molecule ( martensite ).

The process makes the surface less porous, which increases durability, makes it easier to clean, etc... It reduces risdual stress from the manufacturing process and also makes the metal much less subjective to tolerance change under temperature.( that comes in very handy on target rifles)


IMO the noticable effects on shotguns is a slight increase in pattern density, and consistancy in pattern placement ( less pattern wander ). (The chokes would be a bit more durable also)


Its also a one time treatment so if you ever have to get your barrel reblued down the road or something it will not have any effect on the Cryo-treatment.


As a disclaimer I should probably state that it may void your warranty to Benelli if you happen to mention that you had it done. However, the change is not visable to the naked eye.


The $1 explanation is a bit more boring smile.gif



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