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Llewellin Setter


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Hey folks, I am new to bird hunting. I am considering the purchasing of an Llewellin Setter for a family pet and Pheasant Hunting. The puppies are FDSB Registered. The Dad’s hips are OFA excellent and the Mom’s hips are good. This is from a very local breeder. I do not know anything more about the dogs and have never trained a Bird Dog. The breeder has several males and females. What should I look for to decide on what puppy to purchase? They are all white with black spots. Any good books or web sites to find information on training bird dogs? Sorry to those of you that are experienced bird hunters this post must seem lame.



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I'd suggest you ask for references of people who have bought pups in the past. Then call them. Also, Gun Dog by Wolters (hope I spelled that right) is the Bible for training bird dogs for about 45 years. It's especially good for beginners. I even think they have a CD out now.

I've had English setters in the past, so kind of have a soft spot for setters. Good luck!

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Agree with the previous post. I have a Vizsla- my first hunting dog. I referenced the breeder and felt good about them and the quality of dog. My dog is going to be 9 and I have nothing but good things to say about my dog and the breeder - they were phenomenal in terms of support.

I went to seminars, read books etc. The most helpful resource I found for my dog ( a pointing breed) was George Hickox's tapes on bird dogs. However, I will also tell you that I ended up using a hodge podge of techniques to train my dog. No one system will necessarily work for you and each expert has good techniques that you may find helpful.

Bottom line is that we ( my son who is now 13 and I ) were able to train our dog living in an urban area and now have an accomplished gun dog with both Junior and Senior Hunter titles and several field test ribbons. Most of all, we have a great family pet that is a joy to hunt over or to spend time with at home.

If we can do it , so can you. Patience is the key. good luck.

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Having been in veterinary pharmaceuticals, in clinics, university veterinary schools for the many years, I have used Labs for the past 25 years of they have been great hunting and family dogs. Of the 4 labs we have had all were very different to train and had different personalities. All were trained using Walters books (Gun Dog and Water Dog) and most importantly obedience trained, to use the term “good canine citizens”


Check references, the AKC profiles.


Enjoy your dog and let your dog enjoy serving you and what they are supposed to do.

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If you are getting the dog for a family pet , then you would want to start off with a pup but i think that if you want the dog for hunting you would be better off with a trained dog .

Being new to hunting dogs , you can learn alot,s from a trained dog and also start hunting amediately , and a older dog can make a good family pet also most dogs like attention and love .

The good of buying a trained dog is that you see what you getting before buying and it will help with pup training . The bad is they cost more but you can buy a pup raise it to the hunting age and do everything all the books say and have feed etc and attachment and still not have a hunting dog . So it,s your call . Pay more up front and get a sure thing or take a chance .

This applys to all type hunting dogs .

Some people have a nack for training and some don,t .

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