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Sbe 2 finger guard protection???


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Ok I did a search and was relieved to find out this "smashing my finger" syndrome wasn't exclusive to me. I went duck hunting yesterday and shot 3 1/2" Black cloud #2 shot and absolutely destroyed my rt middle finger and I had gloves on ! I went last weekend and had a small problem with a sharp plastic edge on the stock but I fixed that, is there any "fix" for this problem? I know "HOLD THE GUN TIGHTER" I'm over 6' 260# with large hands and made a considerable effort to do so and I was ok on the first shot the second ...forget it, towards the end of the day I was almost dropping the gun! I was thinking some kind of padding and non slip tape, someone told me about a mercury filled tube to cut down on recoil...any information would be greatly appreciated. By the way I absolutely love the gun great pattern light weight & accurate!

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Hold the gun tighter! :D


Mercury tubes can help.

I suspect you're having problems because your hands are larger than those of the average Italian.


Your common sense has you headed in the right direction.

Adding some padding or anything to either the guard or the finger will soften the blow, but it also lessens even more the room between your hand and the guard.


The limiter plug model or the magazine cap model will work.


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I've used a mercury reducer with Kent Fasteel and similar 3" loads with no problems.

You'll not want to use it for dove loads, but for ducks and geese it should be fine.


I'm wondering if you aren't getting a good fit against your shoulder, possibly due to your long arms?

If the gun is firmly anchored to the shoulder, it should not move enough to bump your finger.


Try to pay more attention to that tomorrow when shooting and see if it applies.

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Go to Walgreens and buy a gel toe protector - cut the top off and slide it on your finger. I have been using one all season. I'm using the same ammo. I have had no problems. This should fix your problem.


Thank you I did just that....I went yesterday but didn't get a shot to try it out!

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OK I shot several boxes of 3" over the past few weeks with no problem...i put in a 3 1/2" Black cloud #2's and holly chiwawa!!! Fingers black & blue again...i have a box of heavy steel in 3 1/2, i'm going to try them and see if they work if not it's 3" for me!

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