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1107 vs. 11707 -- Newbie Question


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Are the 1107 and the 11707 different versions of the M4?


I've seen a few mentions of the 1107 (including searching the forums here), and also a dealer said he had an 1107... but wasn't sure if he meant 11707 or not.


sorry for the dumb question, but I am new to Benelli and still searching for my M4... can't find one anywhere....



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There is no 1107.


There is the regular 11707, the desert camo 11717, and older models were 11701 and 11703.


I think the 11701 was the american flag version, the 11703 is the 11707 without the milled recoil tube to allow a collapsible stock to collapse.


Most any new model you'll find will be a 11707 or 11717. All the other models have been discontinued for years.


If any of this info is wrong, I'm sure someone will be along shortly to yell at me, but I beleive this is all correct.

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