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Turkey Chokes for 2009 Spring Gobbler Season


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I know that this has been a beaten subject on these forums. New products come out from time to time and I am wanting to know what is the proven choke or top turkey choke out there is. I have a Benelli Supernova that I have owned for 1 year now. This will be this first season I get to turkey hunt with it. I have read other threads where people suggest to buy several different chokes and ammo and see what works best. In today high cost of living it is not easy to do so, your opinions and experiences will be appreciated.


I have been looking at these chokes, Indian Creek Black Diamond, Kicks Gobblin Thunder, and Primos Jellyhead Chokes

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Thanks for your input Chad, I have seen that in the past you have been very helpful to a lot of the threads with your personal experiences. I was wondering will the chokes pattern the same whether you use 3 inch or 3 1/2 inch shells ? I understand that their are more pellets in a 3 1/2 shell, but that doesn't mean that the patterns will be better right ?

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Thanks for your kind words!



Each type of shell, shot size, length, shot material,etc. will usually produce different results from gun to gun, choke to choke..


Sometimes 3.5in shells and 3in shoot identical patterns, and sometimes one will put more pellets on the paper than other. The only true way to see is to try a box of each. Two boxes of standard lead loads(Remington Nitro,Winchester Supreme,etc) will cost you the same as one box of the exotic stuff(Hevi 13,Wingmaster HD) and give you more shells to test with. My advice to you is find a Choke tube you like, and can afford, and try to find a load that likes it. This will be the most economical way.

Here is a tip for you also: After turkey season is over, there are usually a lot of 3.5in shells left over at one of "The Marts" that get marked down really cheap, allowing you to stock up and test in the off season, when everyone else is fishing:p

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