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M2 Field vs. 11-87


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Hi BenelliBoy. I do not have a M2 but I do have a M1 and a 11/87. IMO, both guns have plus's and minus'. I like my M1 for utter dependablity under all conditions, however, if Iam shooting trap or another shooting sport where I would shoot 100plus rounds then the 11/87 shines. Another nice thing about the 11/87 is the availability of aftermarket accessories,barrels, parts, etc.. I also like the classic good looks of my walnut stocked 11/87 (my M1 is all synthetic). Its a tough call btwn the two. When hunting I usually take my M1 and when SC or Trap shooting I take the 11/87. Another BIG consideration is price. Here in N IL. a 11/87 goes for around $ 600.00 whereas a M1 is $ 800.00. See if you can someone that has one of each that will let you try them out and pick which feels better. Good luck....Randy

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Two entirely different guns BenelliBoy .. FIB said it all with pick which ever feels better in hand/on shoulder. The 11-87 gas system is going to be a bit more of a pain to deal with but, a solid gun for sure. The M-1 ... another solid choice! You can get both guns with either wood or synthetic furniture so stick to the fit and feel of your decision as FIB stated.


just thoughts....


One other gun I'd take a serious look at BenelliBoy is the Beretta 391 Urika. As for gas guns it sweeps the 11-87 under the rug in my opinion.


but thems just a few educated thoughts...


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