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Sure Cycle????


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Anyone have any experience with the SureCycle replacement for the SBE II recoil spring assy? Duck season is over and it's time to stay in shape with some skeet shooting. It is well documented that the factory setup doesn't like light target loads so thinking of upgrading(?) to the sure cylce.

Any Comments?

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Light loads dont seem to cycle well at all (around 75%) unless the gun is spotless and fresh from a very thorough cleaning and LOTS of lube, especially if the magazine extension is installed. Yesterday I had the mag ext. and the Steadygrip stock on. Could the extra weight have been a factor?

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Upgrading to a sure cycle system will not make the gun shoot light loads. SBE II is a hunting gun designed for heavy loads. No need for a sure cycle in the newer Benelli's, they have a rust resistant tube and spring. My M1 Super 90 cycled 1 oz. loads until I put a sure cycle in it. I put the sure cycle in to stop the rusting of the recoil spring and tube. My gun is used for duck hunting and it gets soaked often.



I have to use 3 1/4 dram 1 1/8 oz. loads in it to function properly. That is what I use for targets and Dove hunting. Works perfectly with those loads. Your gun will probably cycle the 3 1/4 dram loads. Try them first.

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