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Guess everyone new this was coming?


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Sorry for this type of post but things are in the works and they are not pretty, read the Bill and chuckle as I!


With Eric Holder the new AG we are going to be in a uphill struggle if any of this junk passes!This Bill was introduced by (Black Panther) Bobby Rush, part of the current administrations Illinois Political Family!:cool:

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I guess the crux of this one holding muster or not would lie in the definition of the word "infringed".


Crazy bills get introduced all the time.

As Duggan said, just keep an eye on them and make sure nothing gets by us.


If it gets past Committee and goes to a vote, THEN we need to get busy writing and phoning our representatives.

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I already have my PP Photo, Fingerprint Card, Secret Security Clearance & man i forgot about my Mental Health Records i carry with me daily?:p Those should really be a big help:rolleyes: Seems they want everyone to get a Gun Card and go thru back ground checks again and register all weapons again? I really liked the no semi auto's, no detachable magazines firearms allowed. Guess they will want us to fund the Bill to take away our own hunting toys? There are some sick people but i really wanta see who co sponsors this one! Should be the same 2 people!

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