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CarrierComp Springs

Mike Grasso

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My replacement spring showed up and I had the opportunity to put 100 rds of 00 Buck and 75 rds of Slug through the gun.


Lets start off with this; I've listened (read) Cliff/Kip posts and he seems like a straight forward guy (Marine) who is truly dedicated to his craft. So I bought his spring.


Can you say flawless. My Unit is hard on Weapon Systems, I fired it yesterday straight down a 6 floor stairwell, 45 times. I felt that would be the best test of spring tension. Not a problem ate both types of ammo. Did a couple Australian (getting way to old for that) cause someone said I was too old to do it!


Fired most of the rest in drills with the slugs doing the start in SIA. Flawless.


Cliff / Kip. Thank You.




BTW - Are some of you seeing the ability to load 7 rds in the mag with a +2 Benelli extension? The most mine has ever held is 4, now 6 with the +2. This is with loads less than 70mm. (2 3/4).

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