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7 shot tube on M4 and 922r compliant question


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I am think about install a one piece 7 shot US made mag tube on my M4, but worried about 922r compliant.


I have been reading about this and seems teher are 2 answers, someone claims Benelli has already had enough US made parts on the M4 so as long the extended mag tube is US made, I am fine.


But others saying that I have to get other 5 more US made parts(mag follower, triggers, gas piston etc.) to make it 922r compliant, or I have to register it as a short barrel shotgun.



Please forgive me if you think I am paranoid or this question has been asked before, I have googled and read a lot about this but I am still confused about this.


I came from AK world so I think I am pretty clear about the rules of 922r when dealing with AK, but not so sure about Semi shotguns.



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Not trying to be a dick, but this topic has been beat to death and it's really not that hard to conduct a simple search that would yield you 47 different topics where this issue has been discussed at length over the years.


Search "922r"




ETA - I see you did do a bit of reading, so I almost feel bad ... but if a clear answer is what you're looking for, good luck finding one. The law seems to be intentionally written as a gray area full of part counts, sporting purpose clauses and special exceptions, number of evil features, etc.


I got sick of dealing with it, so I stopped worrying about a retarded law that is never enforced.

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