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How can i tell the difference of the m1014 & 11707


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milled recoil tube vs non

2 ports vs 4

interchangeable chokes vs non

heavier profile barrel vs non

american flag receiver vs non

number on side of barrel, look at the chart


Where can I view the chart?


side barrel reads (TM23201)

serial number reads (Y019221)


can you please tell me which model i have ?

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What about the 11717 which I have? Except for the camo finish, is it the same as the 11707? Can the 11717 take the adjustable stock?






yes it can fit the "collapsible" same 11707 except finish :) I pesonally have not tried one But from what's it say's on the forums it should Collapse all the way. :)


I sure hope you enjoy your Shotgun.

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Thanks H&K! Don't know if I will ever put a collapsible stock on it, but the info is good to know.


It is a great gun and I am using it in my testing program. If anyone is contemplating getting one, I highly recommend that you get it while you still can!


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The very early 11707 models had 4 port barrels as well..I bought 1 back in the spring of 2004 and it shipped with the 4 port screw in choke barrel..I had to send it back to Benelli to have the barrel changed out..


Also they replaced the stock with a new one and went through the shotgun (it is unfired by me) as they said they were updating some parts..The customer service from them was top notch BTW..

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