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M1 Super 90 question


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I have a Benelli M1 Super 90 with the pistol grip stock and 18.5" barrel. I just acquired a +2 extension for it. Is it legal to install it or do I have to have the standard stock on it?


I am more of a rifle man and know nothing of the ATF's view on shotguns.


Another reason I ask is that I am going to the INDY gun show this week and if I plan on selling it, I don't want to be walking around with a non-compliant ATF setup. I dont want to be pulled into a side room and given the water boarding treatment by some undercover agent.


I am thinking the gun would be worth more with the +2 installed vs. selling it separately. Maybe I should just hold onto the +2 in case I get the M1 bug again someday.

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If your serial number is in the pre ban range it's not a problem. Benelli M1 Super 90 M1507xx, imported 12/01/92, pre-ban

M17142x, imported 1993, pre-ban

M1978xx, imported 08/94, pre-ban

M19833x, imported 09/19/94, post-ban*

M200050, imported 09/05/94, pre-ban*

M200100, imported 09/05/94, pre-ban*

M200111, imported 09/05/94, pre-ban*

M202200, imported 09/30/94, post-ban

M205200, imported 10/04/94, post-ban

M201xxx, imported 10/26/94, post-ban

M210025, imported 01/1995, post-ban

M215900, imported 03/1995, post-ban

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