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Cartidge Drop Lever


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The CDL is a feature unique to Benelli's. The standard factory choke is (lll) Modified and shoots slugs without a problem, in fact, we qualify at 100 yards with the combination. Like anything else check your ammunition against the choke prior to using it and fire small groups to check for accuracy.

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From Hogwild's reference:

A barrel for shooting slugs does require some special considerations. Iron sights or a low magnification telescopic sight are needed for accuracy, rather than the bead sight used with shot, and an open choke is best. Since most current production shotguns come equipped with sighting ribs and interchangeable choke tubes, converting a standard shotgun to a slug gun can be as simple as attaching clamp-on sights to the rib and switching to a skeet or cylinder choke tube.

Since we shoot smoothbores vis a vis rifled tubes, narrowing the choke may allow for shooting of slugs but it will peel off a little bit of the slug as it exits the barrel. I would guess that this will only matter if you're shooting a lot of slugs, eg in a class but personally I would recommend a cylinder choke when shooting slugs.

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