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SBE II - Noisy Foregrip


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The foregrip on my new SBE II LH has a little too much side-to-side play in it (for my liking anyway) & as a result is capable of making a popping type noise from the foregrip at the wrong times – as in - picking up & shouldering the gun during a turkey hunt.

I've disassembled & reassembled the foregrip & cap to where I'm pretty frustrated with it.

Seems like it's seated correctly, the end cap is tight, & it appears to be a fit tolerance issue with the foregrip itself ...

Is this normal for the SBE IIs (as my SBE LH doesn't have this issue), & is there a remedy / fix for a tighter foregrip fit ??


Any help / comments / suggestions would be greatly appreciated …


tia ...

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That is not normal for the SBEII.

Take the forearm apart and check to see of the washers and spring washers are there.




Mine moves a tiny bit, but not enough to make sound.

Oh, and you're supposed to get your gun up and on a knee well before the bird gets within sight or earshot of such a small noise. You don't wait until he's standing in front of you.

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At the suggestion of another forum member, I contacted Benelli Customer Service this morning ...


I explained the problem with my SBE II LH forearm noise & fit, confirmed that all the forearm washers & spring washers were indeed there, & gave him the serial # of my gun ...

He immediately asked for the finish of the gun, took my personal mailing info, & is promptly sending me a new replacement forearm today.

When I asked if he would be sending something for me to ship the original forearm back to Benelli, his response was "not at this time - if at all" ...

His primary & immediate concern was to get my new SBE II fixed to my satisfaction.

He wants me to get back to them once I receive & install the new forearm - to make sure this fixes the problem.


... this kind of genuine concern for their customers' needs, & prompt customer service are definately just some of the reasons that I buy Benelli shotguns; & will continue to do so in the future ...


5 stars to Benelli ... outstanding

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