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  1. You can't go wrong with a beretta 390. You can usually find them at wal mart for around $550. Best gun made for that price.
  2. If you get a new spring, be sure to replace the mag follower if it is the plastic one. These caused alot problems when they got a little wear on them. benelli has since replaced the plastic with aluminum followers.
  3. I love the small gun stores but with most that I have bought guns from, when you leave the store it's your problem. I have to give Bass Pro a plug, They stuck by me through some major issues with benelli. It all worked out and now all is fine. Good luck.
  4. Contact Darlington gun works. They can do it but you will probably have to use an aftermarket choke.(843) 921-3849
  5. nchunter


    Well I see you guys are still at it. I will say though it's alot more interesting then hearing about how many drops of clp it takes to keep my gun from jamming. By the way splash a 22 may work better . Not near as many shot to pick out.
  6. Don't know what's causeing these stove pipes, but they do have a problem. We've got two on the way back with the same issues.
  7. I'm one of the few that has had some issues with mine but the folks at bass pro shops and the cs at benelli has been great. With alot of companies and dealers, When you get the gun in your hands it's yours. Neither bass pro or benelli has done me like that. My problems has been theirs. You have got to respect a dealer and company that stands behind their products.
  8. Mine is on the way back to benelli for the 3rd time with the same problems. I've been through the cleanings, different oils and different shells too. I think that there is an under laying problem with some of the sbe IIs that may be causeing this that they can't figure out. The magnum rounds that I shoot should have plenty of power to cycle. Not all of these guns are haveing these problems only a few. Duck season is over now so they have plenty of time to work the bugs out while I fish. Good luck with yours and maybe they've figured the problem out and can fix mine too.
  9. nchunter

    SBII Chokes

    Glad to hear. Mine likes lots of oil too.
  10. Anyone know where I can find a synthetic stock and forearm for a beretta pintail???
  11. nchunter

    SBII Chokes

    NJ, Did you get your gun straightened out? If so what did you find was the problem?
  12. I had a couple of problems at first with mine. But after 3 trips back to benelli and bass pro getting involved they have mine working perfect. It's the best fitting gun out today. As far as being worth $1500 + I don't know about that, but mine is a killing machine now. By the way NJ what did you ever do about the problems you were having?
  13. On the new sbe IIs I've seen better results with over oiling than just 2 or 3 drops. Spray the carrier on the inside and wipe off the excess. You will have to clean them more often but that's not as hard as explaining to your buddies why a $1500 gun is jamming.
  14. If you're lucky enough to have wood ducks I like to soak the breast de-boned and cut up in 1" chunks in zesty italian for about 24 hrs and then wrap in bacon and put on the grill until med well. Have plenty because they get ate up fast.
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