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M1014 telescopic stock..........


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I have a Benelli M1014 it came with a telescopic stock. I bought a 3 position recoil tube for it, my question is is it legal to have it on there? Or any ideas on where to find ohio gun laws?



May I inquire where you obtained a 3 position recoil tube? All the ones I have found are only two positions (fully extended and fully collapsed). I know you have have the third position machined, but I never saw factory ones come with three positions. A linky would be most appreciated!

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I cannot speak for the original poster, but I see them all the time on GunBroker. Search for Benelli tube, and you will find what you are looking for.


On a seperate note, if you have an M4 that originally came with a fixed pistol grip stock, the OEM recoil tube is milled in three positions for the collapsable stock. I only know this because I almost bought a new recoil tube, only to be informed by Benelli Tech Support that M4's without a factory skeletonized stock have milled recoil tubes.

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