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Bipods (Not a Benelli question)


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Since everyone on this forum seems very well orientated whit guns and gunparts, I will ask this question here.


I have a Sako Finnlight rifle http://www.sako.fi/img/sako75/s75_finnlight.gif


You can find the homepage here http://www.sako.fi/


Its a dam fine rifle and now Im thinking of adding a bipod. I would like it to have a quick mount so i can quickly remove it and mount it again. depending on what I am hunting.


What brand should it be, what kind of mount should it be, as you can see its a syntethic stock.


Would be very greatfull for an answer

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Anyone who has experience of Harris bipods? Its rather important that I can change betwin not carrying bipods and carrying biods rather quickly. Since im one minute going whit the dog (Don't want to carry any extra weight and its often fast shots on short distances) and pass shooting whit very long distances.

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I have several sets of Harris, They are great but if you want true versatility go with Versa pods they cahnge alot faster. I don't have any but I like the idea of wuick change. I just leave my Haris bipods on certatin rifles I use for certain things. JMHO



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