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M4 Eye Candy -- Enjoy


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Is that the sidearmor rail? How do you like it?


Put that baby on a scale and tell us how much it weighs loaded with 6 shells in the carrier and 7 in the tube :)


I've long wanted to put a T1 on my m4, I've just been waiting for a proper rail to come out ... which the wait will soon be over.


Nice setup though, if you have the arms to hold it.

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Guest cleefurd
Which rail are you waiting for?

I think I know... I'll let Duggan tell you in case I'm wrong, & yes the wait is diminishing either way.

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Ah, that's the KZ one ... I dunno, I just don't get why everyone insists on using the "stub" rails instead of proper 1913 picatinny rails ... instant deal breaker for me.


I'm waiting for Carriercomps proper replacement top rail, and another secret manufacturers railed hand guard. :)


It looks good though, and if it works for you, awesome. How many rounds you have through it?

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What side saddle is that?


Looks like a Tacstar which is a POS. it replaces the push pin for the trigger pack. It turns into a major PITA to disassemble the weapon as a result. There was so much fail in the design that it could choke a hungry-hungry hippo like Rosie O'Donnel. It's design can cause cycling problems because it actually squeezes the receiver.


The only way I would even consider it is I would throw away the mounting plate and attatch the rubberized shell carrier with some Velcro.

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