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Need info on how the mesa shell holder secures to M4


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Guys, could you please post in detail how the Mesa ShellHoders (4/6/8) attach to the M4?


I understand that the original top rail is removed. But why the Mesa shellholder has the screw holes on the left side? Are they supposed ot be used?


(maybe if anyone got detailed photos, it would be awesome)




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I have the 8 shell Mesa holder on my M1014. It does replace the top rail. It comes with new screws which are not quite a good match to the Benelli screws, but they work.


It does not screw into the side of the receiver. They give you a little peice of foam rubber to put under the holder so it will not scratch the side of the receiver.


My pet peave is tha tthe rail on the Mesa unit is the same Picitiny type rail that the Benelli originally had. My Eotech would fly off when I used a LaRue mount which will not work on a Picitany rail. I finally ended up replacing the LaRue with a GG&G quick release which works greats.

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The current production MT carriers (as of around late February) use screws that are dimensional reproductions of the original Benelli screws.

The kit comes with screws, or, if you have an M4, you can use your original screws.


Contact MT for specific information.



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