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New Nova Combo


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I searched first, but didn't find much.


Decided to register just to ask!


A local retailer is offering a Benelli Nova Combo, 26" field barrel and 24" fully rifled cantilever barrel.


Quoted price is $499, and it's model number 20099.


So a couple of questions:


1. This item is not listed in any Benelli catalog I can find, is it an older item? Is there a list of Benelli date codes I can reference?


2. The rifled barrel has a 3" chamber, and the salesman says the field barrel has the same 3" chamber. Wouldn't the field barrel carry the standard 3.5" chamber?


3. I have read/heard of some problems with the Benelli Nova rifled barrels, are there issues I should be aware of?


4. What sort of realistic accuracy can I expect at 100 or 200 yards between an IC or Rifled Choke with Foster/Rifled Slugs vs. the rifled barrel with sabots? Are Benelli rifled barrels considered to be pretty accurate?


5. Does the bolt on the Nova unlock upon firing similar to a Winchester 1300?


Any other advice/suggestions?


Thanks in advance!


P.S. Either way I am going to end up with a Benelli, I am just trying to figure out if I should spend the extra money now as I know how hard the barrels are to find, or just go with a standard model (which is $319). Thanks again!

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I don't know much about Novas, so I'm sorry that I can't answer most of your questions, but I'm honestly taken aback by your asking about 200 yard accuracy ... are you really planning on taking 200 yard shots with a slug?


If so, god bless you, you'll need it.

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I would think that 499 is a decent price for the combo, especially when you find out that the new benelli barrel would probably run you about that on its own. That nova isnt in 20ga is it? Thats the only reason I can think of that it would have a 3" chamber on the field barrel.

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I saw a nova camo for 439 w/ 28 inch barrel. So for 60 extra bucks I would buy it and if you don't want the rifled barrel, sell it. They are going for 300 buck +++.


I good shooter can get 200 out of a rifled slug barrel. MOST people can shoot at 100-150 yards. You WILL NOT get that out of a smooth bore.

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