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which shotshells are good for target practice?


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Depends on what you mean by target practice. If you're using it for defense (which is my guess), I'd test various loads of buck shot and slugs for functioning, pattern and accuracy (accuracy on the slugs, pattern on the buck). Probably something in a decent quality 2 3/4" load will work well. In my Nova, I had issues with some Winchester shells not chambering. They were not quite round where they were crimped and one of them would NOT chamber. I ran it through my Remington 870 with no issues. I've not had any issues with Winchester ammo with my M2 (yet).


For general break in, I usually use #8 trap loads and I run 25-100 (depending on my mood) of them through to break in the action and check for proper feeding and functioning. They are a lighter recoiling load and they are inexpensive compared to buck or slugs.


As far as range, for self defense, I stay to under 50 feet for buck shot (often 35-40) and I will shoot slugs out to between 25 and 50 yards in most cases.


Your results may vary.

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great, thanks for the info!


I have some magnum slugs, some 11/0 (double ought) buckshot and some bullet (3 balls in a shell). Gonna give it a try.


and yeah, the gun is for self defence and occasional outdoor practice/fun.

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Your personal choice for practice or HD loads aside, I would strongly recommend you fire at least 100 rounds or so of the ammo you choose to use for HD (for handguns, some arent convinced until they reach the 500+ mark...for shotguns, it probably isnt quite as drastic). Reason is, you should become very familiar with the "pattern" and range of this particular ammo of choice, as fired through your particular shotgun. In addition, you need to be sure that these particular rounds will feed/extract/fire reliably and consistently before you decide to stake your life on them.


I guess what Im saying is, dont neglect to make your HD ammo a significant part of your "practice" routine...at least to begin with. Of course, if this shotgun is not meant for HD, then it really doesnt matter at that point.

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Playing= whatever is on-sale, with a preference for sizes 6-8 because it mulches bushes and other stuff better than the larger sizes. I prefer lead as it has less "bounce-back" potential.


Defence 0-25 yards= Winchester XX Supreme 2.75" OO Buck 12-pellet plated/buffered


Defence/hunting 25-100 yards=1oz 2.75" Remington Slugger Slugs

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