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Best Ring Choice


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i like the Warne Medium Scope Rings w/Matte Finish 201M for a heavy duty steel ring (i wanted the steel ring, though they are a bit heavier then aluminum) and it fits on the base provided with the gun. I believe warne has quick detach ring is better if you plan on using the case that came with the gun.

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I have used Burris Sig's, Weaver & Leupold.


The Burris & Leupold are better quality, the Weaver's functional but cheap looking.


As mentioned the Burris Sig allow you to mount with no effect to the scopes finish. I have some nice nickel Burris sig's now on a Voquartsen .17hmr with a Burris 4.5-14x on top.


That said, I have decided to go to Conetrol mounts & rings.


If you have not checked them out, do so. Made by an old gentlemen in Texas. He will take you call himself and makes the finest, best finished (with no sharp edges anywhere), lightest and rock solid mounts you can put on a sporter. Not cheap, but you will not regret it.




Do a google search & you will find a ton of comments & reviews of his product. You will see his mounts & rings on very large number of cost-no-object & custom guns.





Just looked at what your scope & gun are.


Go with the Conetrol's

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Daddy, I have not yet. Been busy and the slush fund has been depleted by some recent (excessive) activity.


You should give George a call. He is like talking to Elmer Keith (and damn near as old and experienced) and is part of the experience frankly if you are considering his stuff.


The only negatives I have ever read were from first time installations (unfamiliarity with the product design). Everyone raves about the security, weight and clean, classic lines that really show off the gun.

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Thanks for the info... I WILL give him a call. Like you, got some tabs to buy this month then I get my rings! I sent an email and was instructed to use a drill bit to determine the clearance for how high I need to go. I am thankful for everyone who keeps this forum alive.

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