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  1. I do know that they are nearly $100.00 and you could do better for less money.....
  2. Desantis IWB for my G21 with a tac light in the sleeve for extra mag. Very handy to carry the light.
  3. daddyman

    Shooting Rest

    So I am flirting with the idea of drilling a hole through the bottom of the forearm and purchasing a generic sling mount. Fasten it to the forearm and then getting a regular sling mount 'pod. But then I probably need experience in the field with this thing and not rush making a tacticool weapon for hunting...
  4. daddyman

    Shooting Rest

    How did you attach that Harris?
  5. Hey now...they can't hardly keep .30-06 ammo on the shelves here. The more people shooting other calibers the better for me to find ammo! LOL
  6. I have been searching for a place to order the higher Gel comb insert and the 10 shot mag for .30-06. Email to Benelli has been useless.
  7. Both my wife and I really enjoy your photos! They take me away to that beautiful place.
  8. Today I shot paper, paint cans and an old dresser. I am absolutely in love with my R1 comfortech in .o6!!! Very easy to keep the target in the scope with little effort. Now for a good cleaning...........
  9. Has anyone successfully attached a b i pod to their R1? Or is this a "shooting stix" type? Thoughts?
  10. daddyman

    R1 trigger

    You are absolutely right Uncle Russ! I think people have gotten the idea that you need to buy aftermarket parts to make something better, like the AR crowd. I see you can easily outspend your trigger job with replacement parts for the AR trigger assy. But I am guilty as the rest since I regularly search the internet for ANYTHING that might work on my R1...LOL
  11. It looks to be pretty cool! I saw some pictures today.
  12. daddyman

    Gas Piston

    Thank You okabenellir1 for the encouraging words... I have invested much into this rifle and feel sick every time I read a post debasing this rifle. I haven't even got to shoot it yet, so I lack my own experiences.
  13. I am waiting to borrow a lazer boresight kit. Perhaps that will be the adventure...however I have no problem using a file to give me necessary clearances...on the mounts that is! Both mounts are fully adjustable so I am optimistic.
  14. I finally got all the pieces together! Photo in my album...The adventure begins.
  15. Tyson129, is that a caliber still available for ammo purchase? There is little 30-06 ammo around in my area.....
  16. Thanks for the info... I WILL give him a call. Like you, got some tabs to buy this month then I get my rings! I sent an email and was instructed to use a drill bit to determine the clearance for how high I need to go. I am thankful for everyone who keeps this forum alive.
  17. I checked out those conetrol rings....have you got them yet? What kind of scope are you looking to mount? I would love to see a picture of them on an R1, might have to pay the one twenty to see it myself!
  18. I am interested in a bi-pod for my R1, You have a Harris? How does it mount? Any info would be nice, thank you!
  19. I got my R1 today and put it together. Doing my homework on scopes, Does anyone have a bi pod mounted to their R1?
  20. Around here ammo is hard to find. The shelves at walmart are nearly bare. They do have a few boxes of .3006 on the shelf. So I will have to go today to make some more room for them...
  21. Duxnbux, thanks for the tip, I paid for my R1 today and will receive it by the weekend!!! Now to pick out my scope !
  22. I have one of those R1's on hold right now! Thanks for the tip! Now I just have to get it shipped out to WA.
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