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Zeiss Z-point


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I received the image of the Benelli Rials form *NAME REMOVED* and have some answers.


- Z-Point on this rail is no problem.


- Recoil is no problem - I shoot slugs through my Mossberg 590 with a Z-Point - not hundreds - but it has been no problem - repeatability is no problem.


- Illumination. On a bright day or in a bright room it runs on solar only. When the light is low or you go from bright light to low light it auto-dims and kicks in the battery. (One of our sales reps used one in Iraq and it ran on the same battery for a year with it kicking on and off with changes in light for over a year.)


Please let me know if this helps and feel free to contact me directly if I many be of any further assistance.


Very Best Regards,


Richard W. Moncrief

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Thankyou! This has been most helpful. I will most likely purchase one by the end of the week. The other optic I was comparing it to was (as you could guess) an Aimpoint T1.

I like the solar-power idea of the Z-point though. The problem with the T1 is I require a QD type mount, and the only QD type mounts for the T1 raise it too far above line-of-sight to get a good cheek weld with my M4 S90.

Also, just to be totally sure about the rail, here is a picture of what Benelli M4 rails do to LaRue mounts and similar setups:


Has the repeat-zero (removal/replacement) been tested on the Z-point enough for you to quote a number "less than "X" MOA", or is it generally just not a problem?

Also, in a worst-case scenario (simply because every now and then, stuff DOES happen and a machine is a machine), what is the warrenty turn-around time? (I live in the USA).

Also, can the optic run without a battery installed at all, assuming it is started/kept in bright light for the duration of it's use?

Again, thankyou immensely!





Thanks for the the pic.


In terms of any formal test - not so sure. I can tell youI have had mine for a few years now on and off my Mossberg 590, M4 and SIG556. Not problems with anything strange going on. I have not bench tested it to check group sizes but when I am working reflex drills it hits most any size steel I am putting the dot on.


Warranty time is fast - these go back to Germany for service but if it is anything really bad they should replace it for you. Not a big deal.


Very Best Regards,


Richard W. Moncrief

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It appears that the Zeiss Z-point's unique attachment system would work very well on the M4 rail. The photos of the underside that I could find aren't very large; but from what I could make out, it appears that the horizontal catch that fits into the rail's recoil groove (or "locking slot") runs from one side of the rail mount to the other. Because of this, it will engage the full surface of the M4 rail's exposed cross-section. Duggan's LaRue mount's catch does not extend from the one side of the rail mount to the other, but only exists in the center portion; so it only engages a small portion of the non-standard rail's cross section.


Of course, ideally the rail would be mil-spec without the groove running down the middle of it; but we can't change that ... Yet.

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I'll bet they don't put that junk on M1014's for the military. :o


I bet they do. The military standards for "features" have dropped a bit since the beginning of the GWOT. The M1014 works well, and the Marine Corps didn't plan on mounting accessories to it anyway. Even if they had, they probably wouldn't have requested that the rail be changed. People are starting to get used to non-standard rails. Unfortunately, when enough people buy them, the industry learns that it doesn't matter if they meet the M1913 standard or not. We picky few raise a big stink and enlist the help of guys like Kip to fix Benelli's shortcomings; but the Marine Corps has bigger fish to fry.

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