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factory crio chokes


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has anyone ever had the last layer of coating on your choke tube start to peal off near the bottom part of the choke after a few uses? It almost looks like a protective coating.. if not do you think this is a big deal?


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Hogwild - I doubt your dealer forgot about you. More likely is that Benelli forgot about him.


I have had several ridiculously lengthy waits trying to get parts and accessories through stocking dealers. Benelli is notoriously slow providing their stocking dealers with after market accessories. I'm sure a non-stocking dealer would be even worse.


Now I'm here to tell you that the Benelli stocking dealers can sure get guns from Benelli USA plenty quick though. The supply problem seems related only to their parts and accessories.


I love their guns, but I hate their customer support in regard to the timely supply of their Benelli branded parts and accessories. It's inexcusable at the lofty price point they operate at.


A couple alternatives for parts are Brownells and Numrich. It's also been reported by others that it's quicker to order parts and accessories dierectly from Benelli USA. Maybe that's their ploy in providing such slow service to their stocking dealers?

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Originally posted by HOGWILD:

Anyone know how the new crio turkey,pass, waterfowl extended tubes pattern,cost,or availability? i have had the turkey on order since Jan and seems my dealer has forgot about me or just can't get them from Benelli? [email protected]

Someone here has bought them already - maybe try a search?


Trulock makes them for Benelli. Contact them and you can order directly. I think Trulock Crio's them upon request as well.


Many folks swear by Trulock...


mudhen - CA

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