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Vinci update


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For those who care.....

The Vinci now has 1000+ rounds through it with no problems. I've gone through 2 cases each of 2 3/4" target loads, and 3" Mags, plus a few boxes of different types of slugs, all without a misfire, FTE, "Benelli Click" etc.... To date, I have cleaned the thing only twice since the initial pre-assembly cleaning, and haven't had it get fouled up yet.

As for as the gun itself, It has been assembled and dis-assembled numerous times and there is'nt any appreciable play or slack in any of the assembly connections. In MY opinion, Benelli may have gotten it right with this design. Yes, it looks funny, no it doesn't come in 3 1/2", but I now plan to make this my go to gun for this coming duck season, although I will probably keep the SBE II in the blind for the occasional high flying goose.

Has anyone else put this many rounds through one?? Looking for other opinions.


Oh, and I don't have a "shotgun shoulder" to show, but after yesterday my shoulder is a wee bit sore.

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At 40 yards standing in the backyard I'm getting about a 4 in group with both the SBE II and the vinci using Winchester 1oz slug. The Two guns seem to be fairly clost there, but with the SBE I have always seemed to be about 1 foot high at 40 yds and had to adjust my POA down to compensate. The Vinci however doesn't seem to be that way and my POA(or at least what I think I'm pointing at) and POI are right on.

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