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New trap/skeet/sporting clays needs supplies.


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I wen to the range with my cousin recently. I brought my AR and Benelli M4.


But after I was done, walked over to where he was shooting and tried some clays.


Boy was that fun, Now I've bought a shotgun for clays bustin' and MEC reloader.


Just need to know where the best place TO BUY the clay pigeons is.

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I stopped at Gander Mtn the other night and no primers of any kind, no powder, not much shot, a ton of wads, and no hulls.


Another store which specializes in reloading supplies had very limited amounts of primers, only 1 lb canisters of powder, and one flat of 7 1/2 shot and some 9 shot. WTF Chuck......


Who is hoarding all this stuff?

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"Who is hoarding all this stuff?"... probably US, when we can find it! Sign of the times. We may be creating our own problem? Maybe we should all mellow out and relax, since it's all going to get better???... Naw, on second thought, better keep looking for ammo, powder, hulls, primers, etc.!!!

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