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I love my M-2, and can't imagine a gun functioning much better than it does. But that Vinci sure looks sweet, at least what I can see of it. The only problem I have with most of the ads I've seen is that the background for the black model is mostly black. What marketing idiot thought of that? I mean it's really hard to get a good luck at the gun. Makes me wonder if they are trying to hide something although I'm sure they are not. What do you think?

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Guest GunCrazyD

most photo studios have black backgrounds..doesn't work with a black gun....just didn't think of that i guess...i'vwe shot the Vinci and it has no muzzle rise at all and loads so easily it's amazing...if i had the $$ i'd be sold on one...

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I like the idea of the Vinci. It does truly seek to revolutionize how shotguns are engineered.


My concern is that the stock gun is probably all you're ever going to get from it. If you wanted a different (more traditional or "tactical") stock, you're probably going to be out of luck. Likewise, if you wanted a different forearm, you are probably SOL. Same for a longer magazine. The potential for switching out the stock and magazine are there (and would be very easy giving the modular design of the gun); but given Benelli's, um... "casual" approach on catering to customer preference, its unlikely that we'll see alternate stocks or magazines in the United States for this first-generation Vinci. And I'm not certain where the Vinci is serialized; but my guess based on history is that it's serialized on the "forearm module". If that's the case, it completely rules out any changing of the forearm.


That said, the reviews I've read about the ergonomics of the gun are all raves. Folks love it. They admit it's unsightly (if you like how it looks, more power to you) but once you get it in your hands, they say you'll love it. Kind of like how folks felt about the Springfield XD(m) pistols. It's comfortable and quick. And as long as it's reliable, I think they've got a winner.


If they move on to a gen 2 Vinci, i'd recommend going one step further and modularizing the trigger group into an easily-removeable one-peice "trigger pack" and serializing there, as Sig has done with their P250. Then you could switch out the forearm module too (if alternatives became available). I'd buy that, if only for it's potential for adaptability to all types of shotgun use.

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The Vinci is serialized on the forearm module AND the recieiver/barrel module. On mine the two are different. During warranty registration I had to call Benelli CS and they say the serial number on the RECEIVER is the one important to ATF. This leaves the door at least part way open for future mods. Benelli told me that the steady grip stock and other mods are about a year out, and that a magazine ext. will never come due to the import laws although it is available already overseas.

As a side note, after a little over 1000 round through it, Ireally like my Vinci. Gread concept.

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